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Published on luglio 24th, 2014 | by Raffaella Capritti




Rue Carmin Le Naurouze C, 140 - 31670 Labège - FRANCE

Téléphone (+33) 0 5 61 25 00 00

Production: electrical equipment, motors, generators and frequency converters.

Technology for electrical machine, generators and motors.

Ingeteam is a market leader specialising in electrical engineering and the development of electrical equipment, motors, generators and frequency converters.
The company primarily serves four key sectors: energy; industry; marine, and rail traction, seeking to optimise energy consumption whilst maximising generating efficiency.

Core business based on:

  • Technology for electrical machine, generators and motors.
  • Power and control electronics.
  • Application engineering.
  • Over 60 years’ experience in the electrical sector and more than 35 years in the electronics sector..

More than 3,000 professionals, of which over 32% are dedicated to project engineering and development.
Technology and Innovation as a growth engine. 11% of personnel dedicated to R&D.


“To apply engineering to the research, design, manufacture and sale of products and services that promote a change in the present-day energy model and contribute to human well being, in all technological areas relating to energy generation and consumption in which there is an important exchange of energy”.


To achieve a leading position for our products in the markets we operate in.

To achieve this leadership position, our cornerstones are:

  • Leading service providers: our business model and competitive strategy are both focussed on being a leading service provider to our customers. Our philosophy and management policy are centred on meeting our customers’ needs and expectations, whilst ensuring that customers feel that they are the most important part of our organisation. Customer satisfaction is key to our business success.
  • Technology and innovation: we support innovative approaches with regard to products and services, systems and work procedures, directed at constantly improving our management and proposals to customers.
  • Quality: A commitment to total quality, competitiveness, internal efficiency, rigour and caution in our business activities, all constitute the distinguishing marks of Ingeteam. We proactively support the philosophy of continuous improvement in all areas of activity, working towards business Excellence.
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